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Enjoy superior capacity now! The upgraded MAX model of the ATTO SPORT was built to support a heavier weight and safely transport up to 136 kg/ 300 lbs. The ATTO SPORT MAX scooter combines the high-caliber functionality and cutting-edge design of the ATTO SPORT with the added value of its ability to carry anyone with higher weight requirements. Like the ATTO SPORT, the ATTO SPORT MAX brings together the proven safety and convenience features of the classic ATTO with superior performance, a more contemporary look and feel, and features that heavier users can now enjoy.

MoviScooters is an official ATTO Moving Life distributor and Technical Service.


* In order to apply the reduced VAT on the purchase of any scooter, it is necessary to present a photocopy of the certificate of disability of 33% or more and the ID card.


  • Maximum user weight: 136 kg
  • Minimum recommended height: 150 cm
  • Maximum speed: 6.4 km/h
  • 18 km range after a battery charge time of 4 to 5 hours and at moderate speed (may vary depending on weight, ambient temperature and terrain).
  • Maximum slope: 6 degrees max.
  • Distance from the ATTO base to the ground: 10 cm
  • Turning radius: radius 135 cm
  • Suitcase mode size (L x W x H): 39 x 44 x 72 cm
  • Size unfolded (L x W x H): 120 x 58,5 x 90 cm
  • Weight front half: 12.5 kg
  • Weight (without battery) rear half: 17.5 kg
  • Total weight (without battery): 30 kg
  • Battery weight: 2.1 kg
  • Battery: 48 volt lithium-ion 249.5 Wh | IEC 62133 safety certificate | UN 38.3 sea and air transport certificate included
  • Charger: UL and CE approved, auto shut-off, 110-240 V
  • Motor: brushless, permanent magnet, DC motor, robust electromagnetic braking mechanism.
  • Tires: anti-puncture, shock-absorbing tires
  • Height-adjustable seat: 3 heights from 56 to 61 cm (17 to 24 in.)
  • Materials: Aerospace-grade aluminum, high-tech plastics, nylon-reinforced ABS, PU-filled non-inflatable tires


  • Front bumper.
  • Easy to read battery status indicator.
  • Reversing acoustic signal.
  • Sealed anti-spill and maintenance-free batteries.

Technical Characteristics

Maximum slope


Number of batteries 1
Battery (AH) 12
Motor Power 360 W
Total weight 28.2 kg
Maximum user weight 136 Kg
Maximum speed 6.5 km/h
Maximum range 18 km **.
Y es
Foldable Yes
Detachable: Yes
Adjustable speed Yes

** The autonomy of the Atto scooter is calculated according to European standards. Possible deviation of up to 15% in speed and autonomy.



Length 120 cm
Width 58.5cm
Height 90 cm


Diameter of front wheels 20 cm
Rear wheel diameter 22 cm

Trolley mode

Length 39 cm
Width 44 cm
Height 72 cm

Additional accessories

Rear lifting handle

An additional lifting point for ease of daily use, especially when the atto is separated into 2 parts


It's a great spare battery to always have on hand.


Carry your daily essentials.

Mobile Support

It is a flexible and adaptable size ATTO SPORT cell phone holder that attaches to the handlebars at an ideal operating height.

Cable Kit

Travelers' solution to have 4 global cables, so you are always prepared for any plug you may encounter, ensuring you can charge safely and quickly wherever you are.


It is a protective cover, designed to protect ATTO from major breakage during travel and to provide daily protection against minor damage.

Atto Armrest


It is a semi-rigid bag to carry everything you need, both for the ATTO and ATTO SPORT scooter models, such as a laptop and a spare ATTO battery, it can be attached to the front handlebar, the backrest or simply carried as a backpack.


It utilizes the free space under the seat for storage, provides additional seat cushioning and even doubles as a sturdy, portable carrying bag.

Left-handed steering control

It is a simple adaptation to facilitate optimal directional control for left-handed users.

Cane or crutch supports

Support for cane or crutches

ATTO seat cushion

It is an excellent solution for continuous and comfortable driving.

ATTO SPORT and ATTO XL Batteries

It is divided in two to overcome strict airline regulations.


It is a protective cover, designed to protect ATTO from major breakage during travel and to provide daily protection against minor damage.


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  1. Spanish


    Identificaron nuestras necesidades, el equipo de Diana y Lionel ,ayudándonos en la elección del Scooter Atto moving live. Estamos encantados con la compra. Es muy maniobrable, sube y desciende las rampas sin dificultad, buena autonomía de conducción y seguridad .
    Mi recomendación es total. Sin duda puedo recomendarla sin miedo a equivocarme.

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