Europe service delivery

Europe service delivery

Luggie Elite Deluxe 4 Wheels L02 4AS

The 4-wheel Luggie Elite Plus is the best-suspended and safest 4-wheel travel scooter with the smallest turning radius. This makes this Luggie also a godsend indoors.

Colors: Ocean Blue, Olive/Mustard, Silver Gray, Anthracite Gray.


* In order to apply the reduced VAT on the purchase of any scooter, it is necessary to present a photocopy of the certificate of disability of 33% or more and the ID card.


Finally a folding scooter that will take you wherever you need to go! The new Freerider Luggie Elite Plus 4 is the sticky scooter you want if you’ll be traveling anywhere with rougher terrain. The Luggie Elite Plus is the only folding scooter on the market with suspension! And with the largest tires of any folding scooter, the widest wheelbase and rear tires, make this the best folding scooter for going over cobblestones, traversing roads, going over grass and gravel, and it does all this while still being the easiest scooter. to get in and out of a car and is still the safest scooter for air travel. Highly recommended for anyone traveling to Europe or abroad where there will be cobblestones and rougher terrain. If you’re looking for all this with a large turning radius, we recommend you check out the Luggie Elite Plus 3-wheel version.

NOTE: Due to the wider wheels for greater stability, this model cannot be folded in the half-suitcase position. However, the Luggie Elite Plus 4 can be folded flat for optimal transport. We discovered in the Luggie versions that whether you take the Luggie on a plane to your favorite destination or just put it in your car for a getaway or to run some errands, the flat position is always the best position to store the Luggie for transport. Your Luggie is better protected in this flat position, as the seat protects the overhead console when the handlebars are lowered to the platform.

We also offer the possibility of acquiring the Luggie Elite Deluxe 4-wheel scooter for rent to own.


  • Armrests included as standard
  • LED battery charge status indicator.
  • Extra wide 42cm seat
  • Optional solid or pneumatic wheels.
  • Optional high autonomy lithium battery up to 28km.
  • Automatic speed reduction during turns
  • The Luggie Elite Deluxe 4 folding scooter is stable and powerful.
  • Measurements unfolded:Height 83-88cm x Width 51.5cm x Length 99.5cm
  • Folded dimensions Height 39 cm x Width 51.5cm x Length 99.5cm
  • You can even take it with you on your airplane trips, as its lightweight lithium battery has been approved for air transport (10.5AH battery).

Technical Characteristics

Number of batteries 1
Battery (AH) 10.5/16.5(optional)
Battery Lithium
Total weight 28 kg
Maximum user weight 145Kg
Maximum speed 6 km/h
Maximum range 20km/28km**
Turning radius 92.7cm
Maximum slope
Armrest Yes
Foldable Yes
Adjustable speed Yes

** The autonomy of the Luggie Elite deluxe electric scooter is calculated according to European standards. Possible deviation of up to 15% in speed and autonomy.



Length 99 cm
Width 58 cm
Height 83-88 cm


Width 43 cm
Depth 20 cm

Additional accessories

Extra external charging base

To charge the battery separately from the luggie scooter.


With this backpack you can comfortably carry all your belongings including your crutches or cane.

Luggie travel bag

Practical travel bag to protect your luggie scooter.

Extra battery



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