Europe service delivery

Europe service delivery

AfiScooter S3

The electric scooter Afiscooter S4 is a scooter for those who are looking for an exclusive and quality product. An electric scooter with advanced technology and exclusive design, safe and powerful.


* In order to apply the reduced VAT on the purchase of any scooter, it is necessary to present a photocopy of the certificate of disability of 33% or more and the ID card.


The Afiscooter S4 offers you the ultimate in advanced comfort, performance and looks that have set the standards within the mobility scooter industry, year after year, mile after mile.

At the heart of the Afiscooter S4 is the versatile, fully active and adjustable suspension. This is advanced motorcycle-style engineering that provides unmatched comfort, safety and stability for users weighing up to 200 kg, allowing comfort and total control even on rough terrain. A powerful engine, large wheels and tires provide maximum ground clearance, making curbs and rough terrain a breeze.

Everyone is different and every scooter user has different needs, so the Afiscooter S4 can be configured to suit individual requirements. First, choose between the Afiscooter S3 mobility scooter with three wheels for maximum maneuverability and legroom or the Afiscooter S4 electric scooter with four wheels for the ultimate in road presence and stability. All main controls for scooter functions are located on the right side of the handlebar as standard, but can be placed on the left if preferred. A foot pedal can also be specified to operate the throttle.

Batteries and charger can be upgraded if a longer range of up to 30 miles (48 km) is required. The GT upgrade offers wider rear wheels and tires for greater traction and stability on any terrain, ideal for those who want to get back on the golf course. The Max option can be specified if higher weight capacity is required with improved suspension, motor, gears, electronics and a larger 24″ seat for users up to 248 kg.

A totally unique option of the Afiscooter S4 electric scooter is the solid all-weather canopy. A sturdy tubular frame is rigidly attached to the chassis with removable clear vinyl roof, windshield and sides, making the Afiscooter S4 electric scooter fully covered, usable and practical all year round, whatever the weather. Color is the ultimate choice with the Afiscooter S4 electric scooter available in two stylish metallic shades of silver or slate gray.

As standard, the Afiscooter S4 has a swivel, supportive and fully adjustable seat for easy entry and exit. The tiller is also adjustable so you can find your perfect seating position with all the easy-to-use controls at your fingertips. There are auto-dimming LED lights at the front and rear, energy-absorbing bumpers for added safety and plenty of storage space with a lockable and waterproof rear box for all your purchases, a front basket to keep everything you need close at hand and even secure compartments for your keys and cell phone.

Technical Characteristics

Number of batteries 2
Battery (AH) 75AH/100AH
Battery (V) 12 V
Motor Power 24V 1,400 W
Total weight 148 kg
Maximum user weight 200Kg
Maximum speed 14/15 km/h
Maximum range 50/54 km**.
Turning radius 180 cm
Maximum Slope 12º (20%) with a 70kg user / 6º(10%) with a 115 kg user.
Suspension Yes
Emergency parking brake Yes
Armrest Yes
Swivel seat Yes
Adjustable speed Yes

** The autonomy of the electric scooter Afiscooter S$ is calculated according to European standards. Possible deviation of up to 15% in speed and autonomy.



Length 163 cm
Width 76 cm
Height 122 cm


Diameter of front wheels 32 cm
Rear wheel diameter 44 cm



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